Ultrasound examination (ultrasonography) is the technique of diagnosing neurodegenerative disease by following the module in care of the circulatory system before the human body to perform the diagnostic process on the affected aneurysm, in order to monitor the evolution of the patient. Atunci cand ultrasunetele strabat corpul, ajung sa ricoseze din tesuturi si organe an anumite moduri; astfel, undele reflectate pot fi folosite pentru a crea imagina ale organelor intern.

Existence of urmatoarele type of ultrasound performed by urologist: urinary bladder ecography, nasal ecography, scrotum / testicular ecography, prostate ecography. In this case, many cassowaries are not necessary to prepare prelably for this imaginative procedure (which eliminates the need to consume food or prepare intestinal preparations). The patient is instinctively spotted as a transparent gel is applied to the portion of the palate to be examined; this gel contributes to the ultrasonic transmitter prin corp. If the transducer is mixing the fifth respective segment as imagined it is visualized on the catarrh monitor as interpreted. In prostate exams, the special probe is inserted into the rectum. Dupa examinare, care dureaza aproximativ 30 minute, patientul poate reveni la activitatile uzuale.

For urinary bladder ultrasound to determine the volume of residual urine is necessary for urinary bladder colitis, or for urinary bladder ultrasound it is necessary to prepare a pre-adjustable presumption consuming a quantity of 1.5 l apa.

My motivation for taking care of my recommended urography and urinary bladder is to get the module in care if you want to go. Urine care ramane in vesica dupa mictiune (reziduu urinar post-mictional) se masoara; daca ramane urina, poate fi vorba despre una dintre urmatoarele problems: prostate marita, strictura uretrala, dysfunctie a vezicii urinare. Ultrasound of the urinary bladder can provide medical information to urologists informing them of: diverticuli of the urinary bladder, prostate cancer, calculi or tumors of the urinary bladder. Tubuie subliniat ca acest tip de ecografie nu ofera informatii despre ovare, uter sau colon.

Investigative images of the rhinoceros can be used to indicate the position of the rhinoceros. De asemenea, pot sa arate daca exista blocaje, calculi, tumori. In cazul in care medicul doreste sa visualize fluxul sanguin inspre si dinspre rinichi, va apela la ecografie Doppler. Aceasta is the basic technology for ultrasonic care of imagina color that reproduces the sangului circuit, aratand module in care acesta curge prin vene.

The main motive for performing a scrotum ultrasound is to verify that there is inflammation or pain. De asemenea, estos folosita pentru a verifica masele existing in scrot sau in testicle. Poe depista hydrocele, spermatocellul sau varicocellul. Testicular ultrasound evaluates any problems with the scrotal level, showing typical cancerous lesions that have an intratesticular, extratesticular, solid or cystic mass, as well as five testicular torsions and problems with blood flow to the testicles. If you are in a medical situation, Doppler ultrasound is indicated.

Recomandarea cea mai frecventa pentru ecografia de prostata este reprezentata de suspiciunea de cancer prostatic. Nu este suficienta doar folosirea ultrasunetelor, ci se impune si o biopsiere de tesut prostatic. Din punct de vedere statistic, aproximativ 70% dintre cazurile de cancer prostatic malign sunt localizate in afara prostatei, aproape de rect. De asemenea, pacientii cu cancer prostatic aflati sub tratament pot fi monitorizati prin ecografie transrectala, pentru care medicul poate solicita o clisma in prealabil; transductorul este introdus in rect si ultrasunetele creeaza imagini pentru diagnostic, medicul urmarind semne ale cancerului de prostata, in acelasi timp prelevand mostre pentru biopsie (poate utiliza anestezie locala).

Discussions with the doctor to deprive the oryx of nelamurire in order to deprive the effect of this imaginative investigation. If there is no risk associated with this, it is essential to have specific pre-prepared recommendations.