Phimosis and paraphimosis represent problems at the preputial level (pliul cutanat situat la extremitatea penisului care acopera glandul), phimosis implicit impossibility of retraction or acestia de pe varful penisuli, iar parafimoza presupune imposibilitatea de a retractia pie.


Up to the age of 10, the majority of the patients did not retract the forearm, but in some cases the operation was not completed until the age of 17, there was a problem with the medical denomination of phimosis. Tratamentul se impune doar in cazul in care situatia persista si dupa ce pielea devine in mod natural retractable fully sau daca apare inrosire, durere sau inflammatie local. In this sense, you need to realize the distinction between physiological phimosis, care in normal mode in babies found with a forearm and as soon as the resolution of the sinus pan in adolescence as pathological phimosis appearing in the urine an infection / inflammation / scarring of the barbatii adulti necircumcisi.

Causes of apparatus on phimosis implication: infectii care determina cicatrizarea preputului, precum si inaintarea in varsta (pielea isi pierde elasticitatea – la barbatii in varsta apari mai putine erectii), actiuni mecanice fortate de tragere si intindere a pieli de apparatus al balanitei – o infection of the penis, infections with sexual transmitters, eczema, psoriasis etc.).

With obvious symptoms of blockage of the foreskin, apparatus or umbilical cord in the urinary tract, hematuria (urinary incontinence) as a weak urinary tract, erectile dysfunction of the urethra, frequent urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence in a varied penis or in an integral organ), a color in which the deciduous uterus is exposed to a cesarean section.


Atunci cand preputul ramane blocat in varful penisului si presupune intreruperea circulatiei sanguine la nivelul glandului si aparitia edemului local, in stadii avansate aparand coloratia albastruie sau chiar neagra a organului. Urgent or urgent consideration is given to immediate medical intervention.

Causes of apparatus on perfume implication: maneuvering defective and preputable (with spasms inserted into a Foley catheter), piercing (with inflammation due to retinal detachment of the pelvis normally), sexual intercourse / virginity un timp indelungat), other problems at the level of the penis (for example, phimosis).

In order to have a diagnostic medical effect, you have to perform physical examinations to describe the observed symptoms, if any tests are performed and investigated. Desi multi baieti sau barbati experimenteaza senzatia de rusine, este necesar si uneori urgent medical consulting din partaa unu medic urolog sau androlog.

Treatment for phimosis depends on gravity, as well as on the cause of the apparatus depending on the patient / choice. Medicul can prescribe the cream on the basis of steroid care if it is applied in the morning or at the time of 4-6 weeks, it can take the flexibility of the skin (70% success rate), partial or complete circumcision. On the other hand, the paraphytic treatment does not realize that the putty or the guard camera will apply a solution to the penis to reduce inflammation – local anesthesia or analgesic for durere – maneuvering the pelvis to read or in a normal position. Uneori medicul realizeaza niste mici gauri in preput pentru a ajuta drenarea lichidului accumulates si reducerea inflammiei sau realizarea unui mic slit in piele in region dorsala. De asemenea,

Complications associated with phimosis suggest a risk of developing penile cancer, such as paraphimosis of gangrene at the level of the penis as well as organ failure.

In order to prevent effective medical association, the penis should be treated with a splinter or scrub and then heated to produce a delicate, non-perfumed product, respectively retracting the pelvis in a normal position with the spatula, maneuvering the pelvis accordingly or slightly. In the present case oricarui symptom the level of the penis is subject to specialty consultation.

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